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Miss Andreea

Educational manager and teacher

My name is Andreea Stumer, I’m an Educational manager and a homeroom teacher at KEY International School, and I could not have asked for a better place to teach.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and five years of experience in teaching.

In my opinion, each day represents a unique opportunity to learn, and my main goal as a teacher is to prepare my students to be successful in the rest of their school years and to become life-long learners.
My hobbies are reading and travelling. I enjoy reading psychology books and various articles. I also love to travel and discover new things every day.
I believe that by becoming a teacher and giving love and support to children, you are leaving a lasting legacy in the World. Being a teacher is providing students with the tools they need to live happy and productive lives.

Poza KEY

Miss Sara

IB Coordinator and Teacher

My name is Sara Garcia Blanco, and I come from sunny Spain!
I'm a Psychology and Criminology graduate, specialised in clinical psychology. I was an English teacher for children aged 3-12 for five years, and I worked for the "Training and Development" department at the European Institutions in Luxembourg and Brussels for two years. My diplomas include teaching English and French as a foreign language.
In my free time, I love to do sports, draw landscapes and cartoons, and play with my beautiful cat. I believe teaching comes with a great responsibility to prepare children with the tools they will need emotionally, physically and cognitively.
Each student is unique, and it is our job to provide them with a space where they feel seen, heard, understood, celebrated and accepted for who they are. To offer them choices that will get them to invest their time, out of curiosity, passion and a real desire to learn. I can't think of anything more important, exciting and meaningful!


Miss Mesi


My name is Emese Mihaly, and I was born in a small village in Salaj county. I studied Didactics at the Faculty of Reformed Theology, at Babes-Bolyai University and started my Master Studies in Applied Theology in the same institution.
I spent a year in the Netherlands for an in-depth Masters, and there wrote my thesis focused on the Education of children. Additionally, I participated in an intercultural leadership program in Denmark for half a year. 
At KEY International School, I am the leader of the Busy Bees group, where we focus on growing through love, laughter and valuable experiences. Besides being a Busy Bee, I love to take long walks, talk about the meaning of life, take city-breaks, discover our beautiful world and surround myself with people who make me laugh. I believe starting each day with a smile is the key for a better life.
My love for teaching was always present within me, and it is my utmost goal to be the best the children can have as their teacher.

Miss Mădă


My name is Mădălina Pănescu, and I am a homeroom teacher at KEY International School.
I have a bachelor’s Degree in Romanian Language and Literature with a Major in Romanian and a Minor in English, a master’s degree in Romanian Literary Studies and three years of experience in teaching. Additionally, I’m a lector in Cambridge Centre.
As I see it, each day brings a new lesson and a new possibility for us to become the best version of ourselves.
My free time is spent enjoying my hobbies, such as reading and listening to music. I enjoy reading books and visiting museums, the National Theatre and the Opera House as often as I can.
I believe being a teacher is my calling. My main goal is to prepare my students for their future lives and inspire them to have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for life.


Miss Cristina

music teacher

My name is Cristina Nagy, and I am the music teacher at KEY International School. I’m described as being friendly, communicative and very creative.
I discovered my musical skills during my childhood and my love for singing led me to learn how to play the guitar. I recorded four Christian songs albums and founded the folk-pop band called “UNDE” (WAVES) and the children’s choir called “ALLEGRIA”. With ALLEGRIA, I recorded two albums, gave a Royal Concert in Săvârşin for the Royal Family members and their guests and sang carols for Pope Francis. I’m also a composer and a singer, performing in various concerts.
I love working with children as much as I love music and have been doing so since I was sixteen and a volunteer in several organizations.
My biggest passion is to do wonders with musical children but also with all of those who love music!

Miss Chika


My name is Chika Obasi, and I’m Nigerian. I came to Romania in 2015 to join my husband, who is a pharmacist and together we are raising four beauties. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Economics/Library Science from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and a post-graduate diploma in Education from Usman Dan Fodio University.
Both of my parents are teachers, and they inspired me to follow in their footsteps. They helped shape the person I am today and my very calm and collected disposition.
My biggest motivation is the great love I have for kids and my wish for their success.
In KEY International School, I’m fortunate to work each day to prepare future great minds in an amazingly diverse and multicultural environment.


Miss Adina


My name is Adina Turdeanu and I am a teacher at the romanian line at KEY International School. I have a Bachelor´s Degree in Education from the Greek Catholic Theological Faculty - Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj, as well as a Master´s Degree in Family Therapy from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași. What is more, I also have 10 years of educational experience, both in public and private schools, as well as the Didactic Grade 2. I love teaching, I like being creative when I teach in order to facilitate new educational experiences for my students. To do this, I continuously perfect my self by participating at various trainings, reading and researching new teaching methods.
Every child is special. Every child is like a vessel, waiting to be filled, and what ends up in that vessel is completely dependent on us: teachers. Being a teacher means forging people and it implies passion, proactivity and dedication. Being a teacher means knowing how to light up the joy of knowledge, creativity and curiosity as well as the joy of coming to school in the soul of every child. Being a teacher is an art!

Miss Emy

Assistant Manager

My name is Emöke Balazs, I'm the mother of two beautiful children and the assistant manager in KEY International School. I studied management in the Spiru Haret University, and I also have a qualification as a nurse, having ten years of clinical experience in general healthcare.
Every morning I'm responsible for the medical screening of the children, ensuring that they are healthy and happy to start a new school day.
My hobbies include reading, enjoying peaceful walks, listening to music and travelling.
In KEY, we work every day to provide a safe, loving and stimulating place, where children can explore their curiosity and fully develop themselves